With over 50 years of recruitment experience, our team is positioned to deliver unparalleled results. Since 2006 Keystone has worked with leading organizations to identify their clients’ needs, locate top talent, and maximize employee productivity. What began as a one-person business with a vision of focusing on excellence has grown into a full-service recruiting and staffing firm, having helped hundreds of businesses build their teams with top-tier talent.

We understand not only business but also how businesses operate and what they NEED to operate. We have certified trained HR/ Recruiting professionals that have an in-depth understanding of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) to ensure that your company’s hiring practices are fair to everyone and, in addition, do not discriminate against protected classes of applicants. Many recruiters may not know these regulations.

Our growth and success are attributed to our unwavering dedication to treating both employers and candidates with the personal attention and mutual respect they deserve; through intake to offer we will ensure a positive experience!

Whether you are a candidate or client, we are committed to addressing your specific business needs by establishing lasting relationships locally and nationally. We are more than a recruiting firm; we are a team of trusted Advisors that value both you and your business. – – Keystone 360 Commitment